A SBA Loan that offers long-term flexibility

While partially guaranteed by the government, SBA loans help business get access to working capital while securing a low interest and long repayment term.*
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What is a SBA Loan?

A Small Business Administration Loan (“SBA Loan”) is a small business loan program administered by the Small Business Administration and is partially guaranteed by the government. This program works with other financial institutions to help give small businesses access to working capital that has longer terms and lower interest rates. Most businesses seeking working capital to purchase inventory, operate or expand a business can benefit from a SBA Loan.

Many companies have business needs such as expanding in technology or location, payroll needs, new marketing endeavors, which require access to working capital that have longer terms and lower interest rates. SBA Loan amounts typically range from $500 to $5.5 million dollars upon approval. Due to the fact that an SBA Loan is partially guaranteed by the government, it helps reduce the lender’s risks, which allows for the lower rates and longer terms.

Fixed Payments*

Monthly payments from an account on file.

SBA Loan Term Options*

Loan terms ranging from 1 year up to 30 years.

Cost and Fees*

An interest charge or fixed fee will be charged. Other fees may also be charged.

SBA Loans allow access to working capital partially secured by the government.

Usually you need to provide the follow 5 important documents to apply.

Form of identity validation​

Business bank account number and routing number for deposit

Last three months of business bank statements

Two years of business tax returns

Schedule of debts


While most lenders and loan programs offered by the SBA have different eligibility requirements, the majority of the time these requirements are centered around the products or services the business provides, character of its ownership, and location of operation. Some of the main requirements that the SBA requires is for the business to be a for-profit business, located and operates in the USA, invested equity in the business, and has had difficulty applying for financing with other lenders in the past.

To find out your SBA Loan status, it is crucial to understand which type of loan program you applied for with the Small Business Administration. If you applied for a SBA Loan, then the lender you applied through would have this information and in you should contact that lender directly for status updates. However, if you applied for a SBA Disaster Loan then we recommend you call the SBA at 1-800-659-2955.

Each SBA lender requires different documentation and will ask a variety of questions during the application process. While each lender is different, for the most part it makes sense to have a business plan, know the amount and use of funds needed, have a good credit history, financial projections, collateral, and industry experience. The SBA has mentioned that even businesses with bad credit still have a possibility of being accepted.


On another note, things to have ready when filling out an application are the businesses past bank statements, identity verification, a business checking account, past tax returns, among others. As stated, every lender is different and will require different documentation.

The Small Business Administration works with various lenders, therefore, any company seeking to apply for a SBA Loan needs to first find a lender that works with the SBA. From there, you will need to fill out an application with that lender and provide all the documentation required. The lender will then proceed to review your application to make a decision on approval.

This is a type of loan provided by the Small Business Administration which provides low-interest loans with long-term repayment options to businesses who have less than 500 employees, are non-profits, sole proprietors, or independent contractors that have been impacted by a major disaster. These types of disaster can be from a result of a natural disaster, healthcare pandemic, among others.

Yes, SBA Loans are considered long-term loans. This type of loan is ideal for businesses that are having a hard time getting approved by traditional lenders and that require a long-term repayment option with lower interest rates.

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