Business Loans?

Every business could use a little extra capital… Yet applying for loans requires time and energy which you may not have. Plus, even after you send out an application, there’s a chance you don’t even qualify. At Nebula Financial Service, we pride ourselves on having a marketplace that will help out all different sorts of company owners gain access to business loans or fast, immediate, working capital. If you don’t have the time to wait for a typical loan or wouldn’t qualify, a merchant cash progress might be for you.

Business Loans What Is It??

How would you like a business Loan–approved and funded in only a day or two–with almost no papers involved? That’s what business loans can do, with one caveat: Inside return for that huge advance, you agree to pay the lender again with a portion of your daily credit card sales. A business loan provides an upfront cash advance on your future credit card transactions. The funding company provides your business with a specific amount of money with the agreement that you will pay it back in full, plus fees and interest. Instead of making payments as you would on a loan, the advance is paid back gradually and automatically as your credit card processor forwards a portion of your daily credit card sales to the provider.

How Long Will This Take To Pay back Business Loans?

The average repayment time frame for a vendor cash advance is eight or 9 months. But the term can be as short to 4 months and as long as 18, depending on your business. Plus the higher the fixed percentage of your credit card sales you’re paying the lender with, the shorter your repayment time–and the stronger your cash flow. Choosing If a business loan just know it is Worth It!


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  • No collateral required;
  • Limited documentation needed;
  • Nearly every industry accepted;
  • We need last 4-months bank statements;
  • We need last 4-months merchant statements;
  • Perfect credit not required;
  • Proof of financial ownership;
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